What We Fill Our Lives With?

Every human friend I know desires to live a happy and fulfilled life. This isn’t much to ask for, as we get to stay here for nearly a hefty 7 or 8 decades or more in some cases. All this time we spend, not everyone gets to realize what they are filling their lives with. There is this large void we have once we’re born and then till our last breath, there is a massive pile of ‘hoardings’ we have. But are all of them purposeful or they form a mere useless baggage on our barebacks that serve no purpose?

It’s integral to strive for improvement but by focusing on one area at a time; step by step, bit by bit. This way it’s easier to track progress with full dedication.

The most important thing I feel I have in my life is a purpose, without which I cannot attain fulfillment. All the legends whose lives we never cease to celebrate had discreetly crafted goals that they never abandoned till their last breath. 

Besides having a purpose, another vital component that I chose to fill my life with was to avoid comparison with anyone or anything. Not only did this pull me out of disappointment and darkness but also made me happier. I have seen people compare themselves to others in terms of money, fame, and other materialistic possessions, which is nothing but an unhealthy activity.

It’s important for me, in my honest opinion, to fill life with positivity; positive vibes, positive people, and a positive mindset. The day I deliberately chose to surround myself with positivity, I discovered my innate abilities were functioning in a better way. Contrary to this, hanging out with negative people made me an unhappy whiner.

I always wanted to fill my life with something purposeful like serving others as it gave me utmost joy and satisfaction. This has been my practice to shift my attention towards purposeful things instead of focusing on solely myself. Not only did this act fill my life with gratitude but also brought me close to my Creator.

I strongly feel for ungrateful people, what have they filled their lives with despite having everything a decent human can ask for? They not only remain unhappy but also persistently chase material goods for nothing. I rather chose to be happy about the smallest things in my life as this made me humbler. Necessities can never be met but choosing a gratitude mindset can make life easy. Instead of expecting more and more from life, I find it wiser to stay grounded.

I don’t ever want to fill my life with vanity and deceit. I am happy the way I am and don’t feel the need to fake myself to attract more in my life. I will never trade my identity for anyone or anything, as it’s simply not worth it.

Great changes in life don’t come easily. They come drop by drop only when we recheck what we have been filling our lives with.

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