The Little Lessons We Learn From Our Children

The pandemic has taken its toll on us. Instead of fretting about things beyond control, why not look at something that is a source of inspiration in these bleak times. I believe there is so much I can learn from my children, now that I’m forced to work from home and have opted for remote learning for them; thanks to the pandemic.
One particular trait I see in my children is that they seek and accept help when needed. They are quick to approach their parents, teachers, or anyone else who they deem right for this purpose. As far as I am concerned, my inhibitions to seek help have ceased but now I vow to calmly accept my weaknesses and seek help whenever needed.
Children are so full of curiosity, right from the start of the day. They are keen on exploring, experimenting, and learning new things. I now feel that lifelong learning is vital for adults alike. Not just for professional development but also their personal development.

Whenever I spot a new face at work or in the neighborhood, I’m honestly not the first one to greet them. This is because I have accumulated prejudices over the years based on some negative experiences. Although I know most of them are baseless and often cloud my judgments, I guess that’s what adulting is all about. Children on the other hand meet new people without any holdbacks. They approach new people with similar zest. If I follow suit, maybe new opportunities and new connections will open up for me. 

Children and their honesty know no bounds as they abruptly blurt out the truth even in the most unusual situations. No matter how unsettling this might be, whenever they come up with something, I know it’s nothing but the truth. I wish I had the same nature now that I am an adult. Imagine how different the world will be this way. 

Progressing through life day after day, I have forgotten what fun is like. Children on the other hand have fun, they do silly things, and laugh as hard as they ever can. I wonder why have I stopped taking fun breaks, and why don’t I integrate funny elements into my daily life? It won’t cost me a dime but act as a great antidepressant and active stress reliever.

Adults restrain from learning so they are naïve to digital trends. It is often my children who teach me the use of gadgets, smartphones, and tablets. They have, I assume, mastered the art even when they couldn’t properly speak. While their parents struggle with the manuals, they instinctively navigate the entire device. Their curiosity and comprehension are applaudable and something I plan to learn as well.

The pandemic is not planning to slow down any soon. So why not learn these valuable lessons about life from our little ones? This can keep them occupied as well as provide us, adults, with insight into their minds.

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