Miracles Happen When You Believe and Love Unconditionally

After going through the holiday blues, and the emotional and physical turmoil they brought, I tried to regain my composure and pivoted my thoughts towards New Year goals. This is something I have been doing religiously for years and this year was no different. I wanted to sort out my New Year resolutions.
Like any other mature single out there, I too think about my potential partner, and whether I will ever commit to a fulfilling, supportive, and cherishing relationship. Or will the upcoming New Years come and pass as they have for long.
I never gave much thought to this question because I always felt that whatever is meant for me will come to me. But I also believe in the power of miracles in everyday life as they invoke spirituality and create magic as a human experience.
I feel love is not only about male-female partnering relationship but it is far more complex and involves a total mindset. This encompasses loving all the relationships; with parents, children, and colleagues.

When I discovered that the essence of love in a relationship is to devote myself with absolutely no strings attached – zero expectations – I acknowledged that in all my relationships I had to give love without asking for anything in return.

This is what made me realize some of the vital ingredients of relationships at purpose.

I needed to surrender my call to be always right as this caused havoc with my relationships. Spiritual partnership is a relationship of goals, not the urge of making someone feel wrong or myself feel right. This mindset had to change. If I wanted to see miracles happening in my life, I had to choose to let go of even the wrong things for some time. I allowed people around me to carry on with dignity instead of them feeling embarrassed.

There was a seminar I attended once which stated the importance of allowing space to everyone to give them the freedom of being themselves. I felt if a loved one wanted time away from me, it facilitated love on many levels. I never craved a clinging relationship where someone would control me (with jealousy or fear) or vice versa. No one has the right to dictate others.

There is no concept of ownership in a relationship. I always strived for love, not possession as nobody likes to feel owned like some material belonging. The same is with dominance and control. Who can tolerate them in a relationship? Whenever I tried to own someone or dictate them even in small ways, my ways parted with them. Contrary to this, I learned to give my best while cherishing every moment. This was a miracle that worked for me; through giving, not demanding, through respect, not criticism.

As impossible unconditional love seems, the cries of outrage and disappointment and bashed expectations are for real. But unconditional love has helped put my life into perspective and I am convinced it can happen for you as well.

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