Happiness – Is it a Matter of Luck or Positive Thinking?

I often ask myself, “Where does happiness come from?” Is it a matter of mere good luck or is there a larger picture, invisible to us humans? When I try to dig deeper into what people think of happiness, I come to funny conclusions. The most common vision of happiness is around money. Second, money is social status. Is it really possible for someone ignorant of the basics to become filthy rich? Yes. It is. Is it possible for the same stupid person to remain rich in the long run? No. People will say his richness was only due to his good luck.

If, for example, I try to assess the life of this particular person, examining all the details, I will surely come across certain events that prompted him to become rich or successful. Maybe he tactfully invested his savings, or perhaps he was at the right place at the right time. If by chance he hadn’t been there, or he hadn’t invested at that moment, would he have stayed poor with his wrong decision? For a man who had hit the jackpot in a casino, was he really happy with his winnings? Was his winning due to his luck or was it the chance he took? How can I account for this? This is something beyond explanation. 

I won’t call this his fortune because every action has its consequences. These consequences also impact me as a human, similar to the way my actions impact others. It’s the way human life works, what happens and how we choose to feel about it stems from here.

Another question that frequently pops in my mind is, “Are money and happiness correlated?”

No sane person will tag money and happiness in the same bracket as the former never guarantees a happy and blissful life. Accumulation of my wealth is just the outcome of the actions that I performed to make life better for me and the people around me. The more beneficial my existence is for mankind, the higher will be my level of joy and wealth. An aimless man is neither rich nor happy and sadly, this happens to be a universal rule. 

Another thing that has a fundamental attachment to happiness is positive thinking. Since I have been an ardent believer of vibes all my adult life, I strongly feel that the more I vibrate to positive vibes the higher are my chances of happiness. It’s the positive energy I tap into which consequently releases my negative energy and helps me sustain happiness and joy. The universe has a strange law of vibration. The energy we choose to tap into is the energy that we attract. So why not choose positive vibrations?

This isn’t as easier as it sounds because all our life we choose to follow a certain pattern. Then all of a sudden we need to unlearn what we had learned as the previous lessons weren’t serving their purpose anymore. 

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