Insight Cyprus, Insioght 2

Insight II: Committing to the Power of Your Heart

In a safe and supportive journey, Insight II opens your heart by getting free from anything that has been holding you back in your life and embracing your true self.

Over 5 days, you will have an opportunity to look at:

Discovering your talents and gifts

Becoming more confident and courageous

Trusting your intuition when making choices

Affirming what’s really important to you

Loving yourself unconditionally

Letting go of past hurts

Learning how to communicate from an open and loving place

Expressing more authentically

Creating go-to reference points and tools to use as guides through life’s challenges outside the Seminar
What to Expect:
Insight II is a stretch into opening your heart to recognize your own magnificence and authenticity.
Many grads say this Seminar was life changing and heart connecting events they’ve attended.

Insight II is limited to 40 participants.
This creates a safe and welcoming space for individual sharing and expression.
By the end of 5 days, you will have connected with people who may become lifelong friends in your journey of self discovery with Insight.
All participants in Insight II must have completed Insight I