Ofer Weismmann

“Be Yourself, Everything Else is Taken”

Ofer Weismmann was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952.
Highschool years spent in a marine academy, then served in the Israeli Navy (saw action in the Yom-
Kippur war) and went on to get a masters degree in Psychology. 

Later, He moved to the US and completed the class requirements for a Doctorate Degree at OSU (Ohio), returning to Israel in 1991.
In 1995 I participated in the “Insight One” seminar (first in Israel), and accepted the role of 
“Country Director” and representative of the Insight Seminars organisation (Based in LA) in Israel.
Since then, Ofer has been involved with Insight Seminars in many ways (loving service is the “purpose of my heart”),
leading the Insight Israel community, assisting in many seminars around the globe, and facilitating the
Insight One seminar in Israel and in Cyprus.
Married (second time, with an Insight Grad) and enjoying four grandchildren (from his son and
daughter’s families).
In 2016 retired (from full time employment) to fill his life with activities that give him joy, adventure, and
more opportunities to serve. 
Ofer Weismmann  is fully committed to Insight’s mission and to “live Insight” on a day-to-
day basis.
He is a statistical consultant, manages, with his wife, the sailing division of a large tourism business, and
enjoys his Insight “work” anywhere he is asked. 
He is also an avid sailor, spending as much time as he can
on his yacht “SANCTUARY” currently based in Turkey.
His life is full of love, joy, adventure and peace, simply because these are the experiences He is looking