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Today Insight is an independent, educational organization which offers seminars for teens, adults, business professionals and entrepreneurs accross the globe in countries like USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Cyprus and many, many more.

Since its ineception back in 1976 the Insight Semiras touched the lives of over 1 mln people worldwide. People from age 6 to 96 who now live a more fullfilling, healthier and happier lives.

And now we invite you!

to our next seminar...

We are what we believe

With series of exercises and talks we will help you to understand the self and how it can work for bettering our lives in every aspect. Get clarity about your own perceptions, ambitions and projections.

Grow and nurture relationships

You will learn how to be more successful in growing relationships. How to project the best you can be, communicate effectively and express your desires.

Get clear sense of purpose and direction

Through learing greater sense of self-awareness and clearing your mind you will imporve your problem-solving and decision-making skills in business and career development.

How to join the event

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Early bird free tickets promo is over.

What some of our participants have to say

Go to Insight! It will change your life!

"I am here in Cyprus and I attended the INSIGHT 1 seminar and it has honestly been a life-changing experience for me. I had been having a tough time recently in my life due to some major changes happening. I don't want to give too much away but INSIGHT taught me to accept that how I feel is normal and that's ok. There really is so much more, like all the wonderful people that were in our bubble and how close I still now feel to them. The realization that the simple action of LOVE in your reaction to people can change how you interpret them and their intentions in the first place.
Kaela Santosh ‚Äč

I love my life so much! Thank you, Insight...

"How did Insight change my life? I had a dream! But I was scared and ashamed, I believed I am not good enough to achieve my dreams. Insight gave me the tools and actions to transform myself. Now, two years later after Insight 1, after two times assisting in Insight 1 and passing Insight 2. I am now a Theta Healing instructor and professional practitioner. I feel proud of myself, I love myself and I am a happy woman, mother, wife, and person. I love my life so much !!!!! Thank you, Insight Seminars I love you and you are part of my heart and dreams !!!!!"

I came back to my dream-life project

My name is Tatiana. Before the seminar I had problems with my overweight, in my personal life there was a little bit of drama... Insight helped me lighten my issues and open for me a lot of possibilities. For examples: 1. I lost - 1 5kg and I am still in the process of losing another 15 kg 2. I Participated in a marathon and I run 5km, for the first time in my life. 3. I started to speak with my father after a long silence. 4. Also, I came back to my dream-life project, and have success. I started believing in myself and every person around me helped me."

Reasons to participate

1. You will take an active step towards improving your quality of life;

2. You will focus your mindset on success and manifesting the life you want;

3. You will explore effective communication for interpersonal and business relationships;

4. You are taking personal responsibility for your happiness on a deeper level;

5. You will have the chance to see the Insight Seminars experience firsthand;

6. Spend a couple of hours in the company of positive, like-minded people;

7. For a limited time it is completely free!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!