Basilio Christou


Professional Profile

An international educator with over 25 years of experience, Basilio Christou supports and motivates individuals and businesses to achieve their goals, improve their relationships, personal and profecional and improve their quality of life. His work has reached more than 30,000 people in different countries.

Being himself a student of multiple disciplines, he combines knowledge and technologies of different fields as diverse as pure science, psychology, emotional intelligence, neuro-linguistic Programming and the Arts creating in this way a more comprehensive and integral basis  about the knowledge and information presented.


Working experience

Mr. Christou, has been involved with “Insight seminars” since its inception in 1978 in the United States andInsight” “Ibero-America” in South America since its birth in the the 80s.

He is a senior facilitator of all the levels of Insight seminars. He also has been Trainers trainer as director of the training program of Insight Ibero-America for new facilitators.

He has been an associate and trainer for  “INFOVA” “ El instituto de   Formacion Avansada SL” a Spanish based firm specialized in designing and facilitating business trainings.

Also on an individual level  he does coaching and personal consulting for anyone who need more clarity and different ways of approach to an issue. 

Mr. Christou has traveled extensively throughout the United States, South America, Europe and various other countries.



Mr. Christou has studied Architecture and Design and has a BA in ‘’Fine Arts” from  the University of South Florida USA.

Have studied in the program of Spiritual Psicology in the University of Santa Monica. Ηas  attended courses of Neurolingistic programing, NLP, Emotional inteligence and for the last 30 years has been devoted to the study of human potential in all its aspects.

He speaks fluently. English, Spanish and Greek and has a good command of Portuguese.